The Book Opener

If you attend our Physio-led Pilates classes you have probably heard one of us referring to the “Book Opener” during class. This is an exercise we often recommend people use, both during their Pilates class and at home, to provide some movement to their thoracic spine and shoulders. With both our clinics located in Sydney’s CBD, we see a lot of people who spend hours a day sitting at their desks. This can lead to stiffness through the back/neck and shoulders. The Book Opener can help to mobilise the thoracic spine, and stretch the front of the chest and shoulders, to combat the effects of sitting in one position for too long. Give it a go if you feel stiff and tight in the upper back! Just remember to keep the top hip still (your core can help here) so the movement comes from the upper back, and of course you should not feel any pain and/or tingling in the arms or back.

Check out this video of Tori showing us her Book Opener:


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