25 Feb 2015

Rotator Cuff Pain and Shoulder Impingement

‘Shoulder Impingement’ is a common symptom in shoulder problems related to the rotator cuff tendons.  It presents as pain during overhead activities, like washing your hair or hanging out the washing, and can come on acutely after an injury or gradually over time.

22 Jan 2015

What’s The Difference Between A Physiotherapist, Chiropractor And An Osteopath?

As Physiotherapists, we are often asked why people should come and see us over a different health professional such as a Chiropractor or an Osteopath, and what type of injuries does each of us treat. To answer this, below is a summary of the theories which drive each profession. Physiotherapists treat a variety of different […]

9 Jan 2015

Exercise During Pregnancy

Whether you were a gym junkie or couch potato before you got pregnant, exercising during your pregnancy can be a challenge but it is definitely an important part of the process! If you think of giving birth like running a marathon (which it can be!) then you need to make sure your body is well […]

11 Aug 2014

Runner’s Knee

As Sydney’s marathon and running events are quickly approaching (or here already!), there are many of us out pounding the pavement.  Not surprisingly, there are also a lot more patients walking in our door with knee pain.  Runner’s Knee is a general term for pain around the knee-cap or patella associated with running.  Symptoms can […]

3 Apr 2012

Is your bike making you sore?

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Australia and lots of people are now jumping on their bikes as a means of commuting to and from work, both to get their exercise fix and avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic!    

3 Apr 2012

Why does my leg hurt if my back is the problem?

We have all felt pain at some time in our lives but have you ever really thought about why you have pain or where it is actually coming from? Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is not quite right or that something in our body is being compromised. It is actually […]

13 Feb 2012


Have you ever experienced pain that seems more intense than the injury or cause would normally warrant? In most cases this would be a matter of us over exaggerating our symptoms and perhaps looking for a little sympathy, however, there are occasions where the pain experienced is actually very extreme and may appear to be present […]

7 Feb 2012


Ever wondered what that lump is on the side of Grandma’s big toe?  Worried that it might happen to you?  Well the cause of bunions is still somewhat undecided but read ahead for more information on the topic!

28 Dec 2011

Six Pack Anyone?

Have you joined the gym hoping for spectacular changes in your appearance in no time at all, only to be left wondering where your bulging biceps and terrifically toned abs have gotten to? If this sounds familiar, read on!

28 Dec 2011

Anyone Fancy a Hit?

When the sun finally comes out in Sydney tennis is up there with one of the most popular sports and as innocent as it looks it can take quite the toll on the body, so much so that there is an injury named in its honour! So what is tennis elbow?