18 Jan 2015

Abdominal Separation – Diastisis Recti

Did you know that during pregnancy your abdominal muscles can stretch by up to 50%! It’s not surprising then, that about one third of all pregnant women experience separation of the superficial abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti in the second or third trimester.

7 May 2012

When Is My Core Stable?

 When do I know when I have good core stability? How is it measured? These are often question one ponders when they’ve been told that they have to work on their “Core” as part of an exercise or rehab regime. However, the answer is often not given nor assessed in any reasonable manner.

28 Dec 2011

Frozen Shoulder: A Sticky Situation

Many patients walk into Physiotherapy after being told that they have a “Frozen shoulder”, however they usually have no idea what this means, how it happened or how long it will stick around for.

8 Nov 2011

Why Am I Getting Pain In My Wrist With Push-Ups?

A number of patients have come to us recently because they are experiencing pain in their wrists when they do push-ups.  Push-ups are a good way of strengthening the upper body, but they put a lot of pressure and strain on the wrists.  The push-up position results in extreme extension and compression of the joints […]

9 Aug 2011

Holding It In: The Pelvic Floor, Back Pain and Physiotherapy

It’s always a little awkward to discuss the pelvic floor musculature and, as such, it’s a commonly neglected component of back pain and pelvic pain rehabilitation.  We all understand the pelvic floor’s importance in continence and for normal urinary and sexual function, but it also plays a pivotal role in the stability of the lower […]