9 Sep 2014

Backpacks, Trainers and High Heels

It’s cool to be practical. Really who am I to say what’s cool and what’s not, but from the patients that come my way at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD I have a few ideas about what is practical…you be the judge on how cool they are! I’m not going to lie, week days […]

12 Aug 2014

Uncovering Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis) is a chronic condition that causes thickening and contraction of the shoulder joint. Over time this causes restriction and pain in the shoulder. Typically this is a self-limiting condition and usually resolves over two and a half years. There are two types of frozen shoulder: Primary and Secondary. Primary (idiopathic) frozen […]

28 Dec 2011

The Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation Program to Prevent ACL Injuries

So here are the nuts and bolts of the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation Pep Program to help prevent ACL damage during sport. The key to the program is its emphasis on correct technique and posture especially making sure the knee, hip and foot are all in alignment. Also remember is all about-soft landings! Lots […]

18 Oct 2011

Barefoot Running

Have you noticed your personal trainer running around in funny shoes that look like they belong on an amphibian?  Or even without shoes altogether?  A new craze known as “barefoot running” has hit the fitness world, but is it worth spending the big bucks on the “barely there” shoes or even taking your shoes off […]