30 Oct 2018

Patella Tendinopathy Exercise Program

Patella Tendinopathy is a complex and often frustratingly long rehabilitation to return to sport or pain free daily living. The following blog is a part 2 of a previous blog discussing what patella tendinopathy is and how we manage this condition.  This blog will discuss the first 2 stages of rehabilitation. Stage 1: Isometric Exercises […]

6 Feb 2018


What is Mastitis? Mastitis is the inflammation of breast tissue, often caused by a blocked duct, that can lead to infection. It can be VERY painful and not a welcome issue for a new mum! Symptoms of Mastitis include: – Redness/soreness over an area of your breast – Fever – Flu like symptoms (feeling generally […]

27 Dec 2017

New Year Resolutions – How To Reach Yours Without Reaching For The Ice Pack!

Many people set New Years Resolutions and hope to accomplish something new or important in the coming year. A large percentage of people have a health and fitness goal, whether this is to lose weight, improve their fitness or just be generally more active. This is a fantastic goal and congratulations on making the first […]

27 Jun 2017

Muscles You Need For The Slopes! Skiers vs Snowboarders

Its important when embarking on your first snow trip, or going back to the snow for the first time in a while, to understand which muscles you will be using and preparing them for the impact of the snow! Mulled wine, hot chocolate, peach schnapps, powdery (or slushy) white snow. In Australia it is a […]

9 Mar 2017

Should You Stretch Before Exercising?

If you’ve read anything on this topic in the past fifteen years or so, then you’ve already heard what I’m about to tell you. But if not, here’s a bombshell to kick us off: you don’t need to stretch before exercising. I’m not really one for bombshells though. Black and white statements like that, though […]

1 Jul 2016

City2Surf and Blackmore’s Strategy…Using Lego!

Runners, there is only six weeks until City 2 Surf. Eleven weeks until Blackmore’s. So naturally I’m going to talk about Lego! The Lego Tower Let’s say you’re helping a child build a tower out of Lego. As the tower grows taller they get happier, making you the popular parent/Aunt/Uncle/friend. You help with stacking the […]

1 Jun 2016

Don’t Let These Five Injuries Surprise You

Sometimes when a patient comes in with a painful such-and-such, we both know why it started; they’d done something a bit risky (as we all do sometimes) and this time they’re paying a price. C’est la vie. At other times, we’re both a little surprised because there’s no clear trigger for why this pain sparked […]

1 Apr 2016

Do ‘skins’ Serve A Greater Purpose Than Making Me Look Like A Professional Runner? 

Performance and recovery are important terms when it comes to running  –  training hard enables you to improve your performance, whilst sufficient recovery enables you to train hard. Have you been into a sports store recently and been confronted by the several different compression garments displayed on the back wall? If not, I’m sure you’ve […]

23 Jun 2014

Get Fit To Ski

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Get Fit to Ski is a pre-season conditioning programme for snow sports. It aims to improve skiing technique and enhance performance while minimising muscle soreness commonly felt at the start of your ski trip. Get Fit to Ski will help you recover more quickly for your next day of skiing and help prevent ski injuries. […]

21 Mar 2014

Our Other Services

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Our Other Services

We have a range of other services to suit all of Sydney’s CBD from “Get Fit to Ski” to Golf Physiotherapy and TPI Screening.