3 Apr 2012

Why does my leg hurt if my back is the problem?

We have all felt pain at some time in our lives but have you ever really thought about why you have pain or where it is actually coming from? Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is not quite right or that something in our body is being compromised. It is actually […]

16 Mar 2012

Creaky Knees? Noisy Joints?

In a previous post, we discussed one particular cause of clicking in the wrist. Many other joints in the body can click and creak.  Although common, these noises can be unsettling and you may be wondering whether it is harmless or indicates something more serious.  

28 Dec 2011

Six Pack Anyone?

Have you joined the gym hoping for spectacular changes in your appearance in no time at all, only to be left wondering where your bulging biceps and terrifically toned abs have gotten to? If this sounds familiar, read on!