20 May 2016

Are You A Barangaroo – King Street Wharf Runner? Five Reasons Why A Bend + Mend Running Assessment Is For You!

1. You’ll improve your running performance: Get faster, run further, with better technique, so you can keep up with your running group as they do laps of Barangaroo Reserve! 2. We’ll work out the best way to stop your knee pain during your runs up and down the Barangaroo stairs and squat jumps off the […]

4 May 2016

Is “Overuse” Really The Issue In Running Injuries?

The term ‘overuse injury’ is common and for runners (and triathletes, cyclists and more) this broadly covers the common things that ail us- tendon pain, knee pain, stress fractures and so on. All are problems that simply appear in the course of training without a sudden accident. It seems right that “overuse” must be risky, […]

31 Oct 2014

Top Golf Training Tips

Have you ever wondered why your golf swing is inconsistent, or why your effort on technique just isn’t equating to improvements on your scorecard? Of course, having some one to one coaching will assist you greatly in achieving improvements but I am going to outline a few things to regularly do to keep your body […]

21 Jun 2014

Cut Out The Junk Miles – Run With Purpose!

Training as a runner seems simple: lace up shoes, run, improve. Right? Well if all you want to do is get outside and feel the wind in your hair, great- it’s that easy. But if you actually want to improve as a runner or prepare for a specific event- then it really helps to think […]

26 Feb 2013

Achilles Tendinopathy

Here at Bend & Mend we see our fair share of very impressive hard working bankers who shoehorn as much marathon running/cycling/triathlons into their free time as possible. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out. Typically endurance athletes, (that’s you) alternate periods of intensive physical training with periods of rest and recovery. An imbalance caused by […]

15 Nov 2011

Management Of Stress Fractures

My previous posting, Can Stress Cause A Fracture?, provided some background on stress fractures.  I’ll now elaborate on their management: A stress fracture is defined as a continuum or sequence of events, and therefore it can be graded depending on clinical and radiological features.  This grading will determine the management plan.  The good news is […]

31 Oct 2011

Overuse Injuries

You may have heard your Physiotherapist using the term “overuse” when describing your injury or pain.  Often patients have difficulty understanding why they are sore, when there was no specific incident that caused them pain.