31 Mar 2017

Is Adverse Neural Tension Causing Your Hamstring Pain?

A common complaint among runners and other athletes is that niggling pain in their calves or hamstrings that doesn’t seem to go away after an injury. Most people are under the impression that “nerve” related pain has to be in the form of pins/needles, tingling or numbness. Nerve related pain or neural tension can actually mimic […]

15 Sep 2014

Muscle Cramps?

We have all had them, but exactly what is a cramp, what causes a cramp, and what do they mean? A muscle cramp is an involuntary, often painful, spasm of a muscle. These spasms last from a few seconds to minutes. The muscles of the foot and calf are most commonly affected. What causes a […]

8 Jul 2011

Why Are My Calves So Tight?

If you have ever been to see a physio for ankle or foot problems you may have experienced the dreaded calf massage, or even some acupuncture needles in your calf. Calf massage can be uncomfortable and often painful. Patients often ask me….. why are my calves so tight??