27 Dec 2017

New Year Resolutions – How To Reach Yours Without Reaching For The Ice Pack!

Many people set New Years Resolutions and hope to accomplish something new or important in the coming year. A large percentage of people have a health and fitness goal, whether this is to lose weight, improve their fitness or just be generally more active. This is a fantastic goal and congratulations on making the first […]

29 May 2017

ACL Repair And Rugby

A common injury across all sporting formats, including rugby, is an ACL injury. But what happens from a physio point of view? What is the Physiotherapists role in all of this? For those not in the know, the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is one of four important stabilising ligaments of the knee. The ACL sits […]

4 Nov 2016

Will Running Wear Out My Knees?  

No doubt you have heard or been told by a colleague (or sadly by your Doctor or Physiotherapist) that running wears out your joints and that each step you take will lead you to a lifetime of knee replacements. Has this statement previously instilled enough fear to cut your running career short or prevent it […]

3 Nov 2016

Hamstring Tendinopathy: A Real Pain In The Butt!

A common running injury we see here at Bend + Mend is proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Patients generally come in complaining of deep buttock pain or upper thigh pain. This pain originates from where the hamstrings attach onto the “sit” bones (aka your ischial tuberosities) of your pelvic bone. This deep pain usually comes on gradually and […]

12 Aug 2016

Why Do We Tear Our Hamstrings?

We all know someone who’s torn or strained their hamstring. It’s one of the most prevalent injuries in sports involving sprinting, jumping and kicking. I see it regularly with the rugby players I work with and it can be a frustratingly lengthy process if rehabilitated correctly. Hamstring injuries are known for their high incidence of […]

28 Dec 2011

Is it Broken or Just a Sprain???

    We often get patients coming into the practice with acute injuries to their ankles, fingers and sometimes toes wanting to know, is it broken, or just a sprain?    

28 Dec 2011

Pulled a Hammy?! (again…)

If you have made it through the winter sport season without ‘doing a hammy’ well done! Hamstring strains are not only one of the most common injuries in sports that involve kicking or fast running but also have the highest recurrence rate. Most injuries to the hamstrings happen when they are working to decelerate the […]

10 May 2011

What is Gilmore’s Groin?

I recently had a patient who had many years ago received groin surgery for “Gilmore’s Groin”, ironically from the man it was named after (yes, he’s still alive and working).