2 Aug 2017

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Practise Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that began over 5000 years ago in India. Originally it was a practice developed to unite the mind and body. Nowadays there are many varying styles of yoga; bikram, power, hot, hatha, vinyasa, yin and the list goes on! All of these styles of yoga can help you find balance and […]

26 May 2017

Big Toe Sesamoiditis

A complaint among some of our Barangaroo CBD runners recently has been that of big toe sesamoiditis. What is sesamoiditis you ask? Sounds more like a seasoning for a chicken stir fry if you ask me. Let me help break this down for you. ‘Sesamoid’ is a type of bone and ‘itis’ by definition means inflammation. […]

28 Feb 2017

Patient Of The Month For March

Our Patient of the month for March is Katherine Gobbi who is about to take on a challenge in Nepal. From Katherine: “Thank you Bonnie and Bend + Mend for being awarded Patient of the Month! When I started with Bend + Mend I was reliably informed (by all of my friends) that my now […]

24 Mar 2016

Patient of the Month for April

Our Bend + Mend Patient of the Month for April is the lovely golf-loving Robyn Smith. From Robyn: “I have always had a goal of being on a single figures handicap for golf before I was “too old” unfortunately a back issue caused by too many hours sitting at a desk really restricted my movement and therefore […]

18 Jan 2016

Injury and Alcohol…Not A Great Combination

At this time of year it may be easier to indulge in a few more drinks as part of the celebration of holidays and spending time with family and friends, but you may be wondering, how does that affect my injury? Or you may feel like everything was getting better with my injury but it […]

13 Feb 2012


Have you ever experienced pain that seems more intense than the injury or cause would normally warrant? In most cases this would be a matter of us over exaggerating our symptoms and perhaps looking for a little sympathy, however, there are occasions where the pain experienced is actually very extreme and may appear to be present […]