22 May 2012

Morton’s Toe: One little toe can cause some big problems

Morton’s toe is a common forefoot disorder where the first metatarsal bone (the bone behind the big toe) is shortened in relation to the second metatarsal (the bone behind the second toe).  This usually results in the second toe extending farther than the first toe.        

20 May 2011

Why Do My Joints Click and Creak?

As a Physio, we commonly get asked, “Why do my joints click?”, or, “What is it that makes that funny clicking noise in my neck/knee/shoulder?”.  This is most often followed by, “Is it doing any damage?”.

15 Apr 2011

Am I Hypermobile?

Have you ever been told you have “floppy joints”? The word HYPERMOBILITY is often used in a Physiotherapy consultation, but what does it really mean if you are hypermobilie? Hypermobility describes excessive movement or flexibility in one or more joints.