24 Oct 2011

Headaches – What Are Your Symptoms?

Headaches are one of the most common forms of ‘illness’ in Australia. Although there are many different types of headache, the symptoms are often very similar which can make diagnosis and treatment tricky.

30 Sep 2011

Headaches – A Pain In The Neck!

Headaches are a particularly commonly occurring problem we see as Physios here at Bend + Mend, and it can be sometimes hard for the suffering individual to understand why they have a headache, and, if and why a Physiotherapist can help. There are two general types of musculoskeletal (read: bones, joints, muscles) related headaches, and […]

19 Aug 2011

More Than Just A Headache

If you’ve ever had a headache then you’ll understand how debilitating they can be.  Most people have suffered from the Saturday morning self-induced, alcohol-related headache.  But what about waking with a headache that wasn’t related to alcohol?  That won’t respond to painkillers?  That means you have to take the day off work because you can’t […]