13 Feb 2018

Plantar Fasciopathy Update

I have had a recent influx of people presenting to Bend + Mend Darling Park this month with heel pain or Plantar Fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis). Plantar fasciopathy is a generalised term for pain around the plantar fascia in the foot. The plantar fascia is the tissue that runs from your heel bone towards […]

29 Nov 2017

Understanding A Side Strain This Cricket Season

As the Ashes series begins, and the whites come out, what better time to explain a common cricket injury – the “Side Strain”Along with hamstring injuries, side strains are the most prevalent cricket injury in Australia, affecting up to 14% of pace bowlers per season. It seems the faster you bowl, the more inclined you […]

31 May 2016

Evidence Supporting Running Retraining For Lower Limb Injuries: PART TWO

In this blog, the most recent evidence and expert opinion surrounding running retraining strategies for Achilles Tendinopathy, Calf Pain, and Plantar Fasciopathy (more well known as plantar fasciitis) will be discussed. Achilles Tendinopathy & Calf Pain  Some experts advocated the use of running retraining for Achilles tendinopathy (AT) and calf pain, however adequate rehabilitation exercise […]

20 Aug 2015

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is vital for normal foot biomechanics. It is made up of three segments and its central portion is clinically most important as it forms the longitudinal arch of the foot. It not only provides the longitudinal arch with static support but provides dynamic shock absorption. Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition of […]

11 May 2015

Avoid Wrist Pain When Performing Push-ups!

Performing a push-up exerts a considerable amount of pressure through your wrist joints and other structures of your upper limb; however, if you are someone who just puts up with wrist pain when you do push-ups, you shouldn’t! The most common position for a push-up is with the wrist dorsiflexed (as pictured). What seems like a […]

27 Sep 2013

Get That Pelvic Floor Control Back!

Bladder leakage. Most people don’t want to admit to it, but a third of all women reading this suffers from it! The most common cause for leakage of urine in women is a weak pelvic floor, the muscle group which we know is very important yet a lot of us may not know why or […]

8 Nov 2011

WTF, or, “What’s The Fascia?”

We love to easily delineate the difference between ligaments and tendons, that is, that a tendon is connective tissue between muscle and bone and ligament is bone-bone.  This differentiation works well 99% of the time, but the model fails in instances when we are trying to understand body movement.  What we often forget, in all […]