14 Jun 2018

End of Financial Year…A Pain In The Neck!

Physiotherapy can sometimes seem like a seasonal job – knee pain during running season, back pain with new year’s resolutions, and neck pain come end of financial year. Yes, you read that right, end of financial year can literally and figuratively be a pain in the neck! So here are some top tips to help […]

29 Nov 2017

How To Avoid Making Your Hip Tendinopathy Pain Worse!

As research into common hip injuries progresses, so too does our understanding of how we manage this. One of the biggest shifts in research on Gluteal Tendinopathy is how we manage the injury. What we thought was best practice in the past might not be the best thing for it now. Tendinopathy of the Gluteus […]

1 Sep 2016

The Hunchback Of Corporate Life

Are you a desk-jockey who feels their poor sitting posture is turning them into the resident office hunch back? I like to call this posture the “Hunchback of corporate life”, but don’t worry you are definitely not alone if you feel like this! When you sit at a desk all day in one particular position, […]

1 Mar 2016

Does Your iPad Cause “Tablet-Neck”?

Portable technologies such as ipads/tablets have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Recent ergonomic research highlights a link between increased head and neck flexion (looking down!) and neck pain. Studies have shown that frequent tablet users tend to hold their head and neck in a flexed position (much more than that of desktop […]

30 Oct 2015

Wondering About A Standing Desk? Your Questions Answered.

You’ve all heard about standing desks. They were very on trend for a while and continue to grow in popularity around the city. Their arrival was heralded gushing articles extoling their virtues. Then came the retaliation articles that were firmly against them. Of course, there is no black/white answer so here’s my perspective as a […]

19 Feb 2015

Five Tips for Good Desk Ergonomics

1. Feet Come Last When I ask people about the way they sit at work, they so often tell me that they make sure they “try to have their feet flat on the floor.” Possibly this is one of the easier things to remember, and also to adjust as most people know how to raise/lower […]

27 Oct 2014

Good Ergonomics: Do you pass The Holiday Test?

Why being lazy is good and the back rest is your friend If I were to simplify one of the main ways to reduce pain in the office, it would be this: “BECOME FRIENDS WITH YOUR BACK REST.” The backrest is there to be used. If you’re not using it right now, then you’re probably […]

3 Oct 2014

Present or Productive? Being Strategic About Desk Discomfort

Every day at Bend + Mend, we’ll deal with two things: pain and work. We physiotherapists love trying to keep people at work and doing all the tasks they’re expected to do. But it strikes me that perhaps more attention should be directed to how well a person is able to do their job. Can […]

25 Sep 2014

10 Tips to Stop Back Pain

1. Regular exercise. Exercise helps to keep your muscles and joints moving to avoid feeling stiff. It strengthens your muscles to support your bones and reduce the strain on your back with everyday activities. Make sure you have someone check your technique before lifting weights or doing new forms of exercise. 2. Stretching after exercise. […]

8 Sep 2014

Mind If I Saw Your Laptop In Half?

Do you or any of your employees work on a laptop? Not just occasionally on your lap, but in the office? More than a little bit??  Well, I’m not exactly going to say anything too ground-breaking here. But, from an ergonomics perspective, laptops are inherently evil! Thankfully, it’s an easy problem to improve. While hacking […]