11 Aug 2016

Abdominal Separation During Pregnancy (Diastasis Recti)

What is Pregnancy-Related Abdominal Separation? Diastasis Recti (DR) is the term used for the separation of the abdominal muscles via stretching of the connective tissues in the midline (linea alba) during pregnancy. What Causes it? Pregnancy is the most common cause of DR. Its a natural adaptation of the body in order to accommodate a […]

14 Dec 2015

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterised by widespread, persistent pain, which is accompanied by several other chronic diseases that can severely impact a person’s daily life. It is not just one condition but a complex syndrome that involves many different factors. Statistics show that Fibromyalgia affects 2-5% of the population. It affects women more than men, […]

18 Jan 2015

Abdominal Separation – Diastisis Recti

Did you know that during pregnancy your abdominal muscles can stretch by up to 50%! It’s not surprising then, that about one third of all pregnant women experience separation of the superficial abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti in the second or third trimester.

27 Oct 2014

What is Pilates? A Short History

Well, maybe the better question is who is Pilates?  Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883, and wasn’t a healthy child.  He had developed rheumatic fever at a young age, was plagued by rickets, and even had to battle asthma.  But Pilates did not let this slow him down.  He was determined to become […]

22 Aug 2014

The Grumbling Groin

If you’ve ever presented to your Physio with groin pain you may have noticed – just for a split second- the look of dread in their eyes…no this is not because we are worried about touching your groin, but because by the time you present to us, it is often more because the ‘groin strain’ […]

29 Apr 2014

Pilates Equipment

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The Clinical Reformer is probably the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment. It allows the full range of exercises to be performed from the floor or upon the reformer. It uses different spring resistances to make the exercises vary from beginner to advanced level. The Long Box, Bar, Jumpboard and straps can be utilised also to […]

15 Jul 2012

Pilates and Low Back Pain – The Evidence

The evidence-based effect of Clinical Pilates into the treatment of lower back pain has been a hot topic in the last few years.  Poor motor control (both over and under activity) as well as inadequate or excessive mobility leads to a muscle imbalance , injury and/or associated pain.  

15 Nov 2011

Management Of Stress Fractures

My previous posting, Can Stress Cause A Fracture?, provided some background on stress fractures.  I’ll now elaborate on their management: A stress fracture is defined as a continuum or sequence of events, and therefore it can be graded depending on clinical and radiological features.  This grading will determine the management plan.  The good news is […]

14 Nov 2011

My What Is Bulging???

So, your Physio has told you that it might be your “disc” that is causing your pain. With more medical knowledge accessible to all of us these days, as health professionals we often assume that you know what we are on about.  Maybe you do!  But just in case you don’t, here’s the low down […]

1 Nov 2011

It’s Crunch Time!

As a mid-twenties guy, I’m approaching a body type that reflects my years of indulgence – that of a “beer gut”.  This is a problem shared by many, men and women alike.  The apparent most obvious solution to this increased distribution of fat around the abdomen, is the humble sit-up or crunch.