6 Jun 2018

Best Treatment For Gluteal Tendinopathy

Gluteal Tendinopathy is a condition that causes pain over the outside of your hip. Previously thought to be caused by inflammation from the tendons we now know that it is primarily caused by degeneration of your gluteal tendons most often due to repetitive overloading, or, when the load being applied to the tendon is too great for […]

22 Feb 2018

Patient Of The Month For March

Our Bend + Mend Patient of the month for March is the always energetic Angus! From Our Physio: Angus has been coming to Bend + Mend since 2008 for few different injuries. Most recently he returned with an unhappy low back which was limiting his ability to keep active. He is a keen cyclist and […]

5 Jan 2018

To Lunge Or Not To Lunge?

Lunges are an extremely diverse exercise as there are so many different variations of lunges that help you target different muscles. Squats and lunges both target your gluteal, quadricep and hamstring muscles but lunges have the benefit of being a single leg exercise which develop your single leg stability more. Lunges require greater stabilisation so […]

11 Feb 2013

How do you do yours? Resistance training vs Endurance training or both??

In a recent systematic review it was suggested that replacing a component of endurance cycling training with resistance training is beneficial in increasing maximal power output and TT speed in elite cyclists. We may not be elite but maybe this is something we should consider while putting in the K’s zooming around Centennial Park.

1 Apr 2011

Finger Injuries in Climbers

Finger injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained by climbers, due to the huge forces required to pull the body weight up.  After spending much time in the climbing community and treating many climbers, I am all too aware of the impact a ‘minor’ finger injury can have on your training and climbing […]