11 Aug 2014

Runner’s Knee

As Sydney’s marathon and running events are quickly approaching (or here already!), there are many of us out pounding the pavement.  Not surprisingly, there are also a lot more patients walking in our door with knee pain.  Runner’s Knee is a general term for pain around the knee-cap or patella associated with running.  Symptoms can […]

22 May 2012

Morton’s Toe: One little toe can cause some big problems

Morton’s toe is a common forefoot disorder where the first metatarsal bone (the bone behind the big toe) is shortened in relation to the second metatarsal (the bone behind the second toe).  This usually results in the second toe extending farther than the first toe.        

7 May 2012

When Is My Core Stable?

 When do I know when I have good core stability? How is it measured? These are often question one ponders when they’ve been told that they have to work on their “Core” as part of an exercise or rehab regime. However, the answer is often not given nor assessed in any reasonable manner.

3 Apr 2012

Is your bike making you sore?

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Australia and lots of people are now jumping on their bikes as a means of commuting to and from work, both to get their exercise fix and avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic!    

3 Apr 2012

Why does my leg hurt if my back is the problem?

We have all felt pain at some time in our lives but have you ever really thought about why you have pain or where it is actually coming from? Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is not quite right or that something in our body is being compromised. It is actually […]

16 Mar 2012

Creaky Knees? Noisy Joints?

In a previous post, we discussed one particular cause of clicking in the wrist. Many other joints in the body can click and creak.  Although common, these noises can be unsettling and you may be wondering whether it is harmless or indicates something more serious.  

16 Mar 2012

Heavy Handbags – are you being weighed down?

Whenever a female patient walks through our doors wanting treatment on their neck and shoulders, I am always sure to scope out the size of their handbag!  As women, there are so many things that we need to cram into our handbags to make our lives easier, but what are these heavy bags doing to […]

20 Feb 2012

Clicky wrist?

The wrist and hand is made up of 27 bones with, understandably, a LOT of joints between them and even more attaching them to the arm bones.  It is this incredible number of bones and joints that allows us so much movement and dexterity in our hands and wrists and differentiates us from our primate […]

7 Feb 2012


Ever wondered what that lump is on the side of Grandma’s big toe?  Worried that it might happen to you?  Well the cause of bunions is still somewhat undecided but read ahead for more information on the topic!

31 Jan 2012

Back Belts – Do They Do Anything?

2012 is an Olympic year and yet again you’ll see clinically obese, scarlet-faced men in lycra lifting enormous weights. While there are few things more useful (or entertaining) in life than being able to lift a small car, is it all due to the use of the back belts these people wear?