3 Nov 2014

How To Assess Posture

In this blog we are going to break down a Postural Assessment to let you know what exactly we look at and why.  You might notice every time you see a Physiotherapist they ask you questions, lots of questions. We are looking for clues, patterns and reasons why somebody might be getting pain or discomfort.  Sometimes […]

28 Dec 2011

Anyone Fancy a Hit?

When the sun finally comes out in Sydney tennis is up there with one of the most popular sports and as innocent as it looks it can take quite the toll on the body, so much so that there is an injury named in its honour! So what is tennis elbow?

14 Nov 2011

My What Is Bulging???

So, your Physio has told you that it might be your “disc” that is causing your pain. With more medical knowledge accessible to all of us these days, as health professionals we often assume that you know what we are on about.  Maybe you do!  But just in case you don’t, here’s the low down […]

2 Jun 2011

Pain in the neck…..

Acute wry neck (also known as acute torticollis) is a sudden onset of severe neck pain accompanied by spasm of the neck muscles.