14 Feb 2017

Dem Bones Dem Bones…Calcium In Pregnancy

Have you ever heard the stories of pregnant women loosing teeth, becoming and osteoporotic…along with morning sickness, skin changes, and the possibility of lower back and pelvic pain? Pregnancy is just sounding like so much fun to you right now! When you’re pregnant your growing baby requires a mix of vitamins and minerals, and calcium […]

26 Aug 2016

Stairway To Health

I’m a big fan of stair training, it can be quite challenging but it’s an excellent workout with great benefits. Stair training can be as easy or as difficult as you make it, even if you’re not particularly crazy about running, walking stairs can help you achieve numerous health benefits. Depending on what your training goals are it […]

14 Nov 2011

Like A Polaroid Picture…..Shake It!

So it’s 5am, you’re up early to catch a bit of Aerobics OzStyle, and you catch one of those infomercials beforehand.  You know the ones: the next exercise fad, with dubious claims of ‘core strength’ and ‘whole-body workout’; the product only to be proven obsolete a week or two later, by a new fad likely […]