28 Nov 2017

Patient Of The Month For December

Our Patient of the Month for December is Lynn Muirhead, one of Bend + Mend’s most loyal clients! From Fiona: “My relationship with Lynn has been longer than my relationship with my husband!! She has been one of our longest standing clients and our goal has been to keep her moving so she can keep […]

22 Aug 2017

Patient Of The Month For September

Our patient of the month for September has worked extremely hard after surgery to get where he is today: Congratulations Tom! From Campbell: “Tom presented post operatively following an ACL reconstruction as well as having torn cartilage and an MCL tear which he injured playing soccer earlier in the year. Tom has taken to rehabilitating […]

27 Jun 2017

Patient Of The Month For July

Our Bend + Mend Patient of the Month for July is Julia Toomey who came to us after a skiing accident and is now ready for the slopes again! Well-done Julia! From Julia: “I hobbled my way in to Bend and Mend in a huge leg brace last year in July to meet Emma for […]

31 Mar 2017

Patient Of The Month For April

Our Patient of the month for April is Will Walker, who we have been seeing at Bend + Mend for many years and hopefully many more! From Will: “I’ve been coming to Bend and Mend for quite a number of years, about 10, and doing Pilates for at least 7 of those. Pilates is something […]

28 Nov 2016

Patient Of The Month For December

Our patient of the month for December is someone we have been wanting to post about for a while. Rod Barlow has been a patient of Bend + Mend since the very start (and even saw Fiona and Kellie before they were Bend + Menders!). He is always a pleasure to have in the clinic […]

28 Oct 2016

Patient Of The Month For November

Our patient of the month for November is the lovey Alex who is about to head off into the new world of motherhood! From Alex “Bend and Mend have been my wonderful ‘physio family’ for the past 16 months. I first attended feeling quite helpless with recurring headaches and ongoing neck/back issues, and was met with a knowledgeable, supportive […]

30 Sep 2016

High Ankle Sprains

High ankle sprains involve the injury to the ligaments that are located just above your ankle joint, opposed to the more common lower ankle sprain that occurs to the ligaments on the outside of your ankle. These ligaments connect your shin bone (tibia) to the outer ankle/leg bone (fibula). The connective tissue connecting this joint together is known as your syndesmosis. The syndesmosis […]

24 May 2016

How Neuroscientists Explain The Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

Famous filmmaker Casey Neistat states ‘every major decision I’ve made in the last eight years has been prefaced by a run’. I find myself that after running, the once monotonous task of cleaning becomes appealing – a slightly different way of looking at the effects of running and sad, I know, however I’m sure many […]

29 Nov 2015

Patient of the Month for December 2015!

We are pleased to announce this month’s patient of the month…..Deborah Jenkins! “I’ve been going to see the guys at Bend + Mend for…well forever! Staying on top of my health by having regular tune-ups with Blake and weekly Pilates with Kirsty has made all the difference. I have two young children and having a strong […]

24 Nov 2014

Exercises to Improve Posture

Poor posture can cause considerable strain throughout the body and increase the likelihood of injuries. In our city clinic, we see many injuries which have been attributable to poor postures throughout the day. Before starting it is important to ensure your work-station (or computer desk at home) is set up correctly. It would be inefficient […]