24 May 2016

How Neuroscientists Explain The Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

Famous filmmaker Casey Neistat states ‘every major decision I’ve made in the last eight years has been prefaced by a run’. I find myself that after running, the once monotonous task of cleaning becomes appealing – a slightly different way of looking at the effects of running and sad, I know, however I’m sure many […]

11 Aug 2014

Runner’s Knee

As Sydney’s marathon and running events are quickly approaching (or here already!), there are many of us out pounding the pavement.  Not surprisingly, there are also a lot more patients walking in our door with knee pain.  Runner’s Knee is a general term for pain around the knee-cap or patella associated with running.  Symptoms can […]

22 May 2012

Morton’s Toe: One little toe can cause some big problems

Morton’s toe is a common forefoot disorder where the first metatarsal bone (the bone behind the big toe) is shortened in relation to the second metatarsal (the bone behind the second toe).  This usually results in the second toe extending farther than the first toe.