27 Dec 2017

New Year Resolutions – How To Reach Yours Without Reaching For The Ice Pack!

Many people set New Years Resolutions and hope to accomplish something new or important in the coming year. A large percentage of people have a health and fitness goal, whether this is to lose weight, improve their fitness or just be generally more active. This is a fantastic goal and congratulations on making the first […]

30 Nov 2017

Travelling, A Real Pain!

With the holiday season coming up many of us (or at least the lucky ones) will be jet setting or travelling around the world. Unfortunately sitting for hours in cars, trains or on planes can often leave us feeling a bit worse for wear. Luckily, there are a handful of very simple exercises and tips […]

28 Nov 2016

Are You Daryl Braithwaite? Five Questions for a Pain Free Holiday

A holiday can be the best thing for your health. No desk, less stress and plenty of good wholesome activity. But there are a few things that might trip you up and leave you feeling worse for wear. Enjoy your holiday but avoid injury by answering these five questions. Are You a Thong Person? Don’t […]

14 Oct 2016

Sleeping Hip Pain In Pregnancy

As your body changes with pregnancy, so does your posture. Your baby bump will gradually develop and slowly stretch out your abdominal muscles and bring your centre of gravity forward.  To compensate for this your lower back will arch more and your lower back extensor muscles become more active to cope with the increased load, […]

31 May 2016

Evidence Supporting Running Retraining For Lower Limb Injuries: PART TWO

In this blog, the most recent evidence and expert opinion surrounding running retraining strategies for Achilles Tendinopathy, Calf Pain, and Plantar Fasciopathy (more well known as plantar fasciitis) will be discussed. Achilles Tendinopathy & Calf Pain  Some experts advocated the use of running retraining for Achilles tendinopathy (AT) and calf pain, however adequate rehabilitation exercise […]

4 Feb 2016

The 12 Most Common Golf Swing Characteristics: S-Posture

There are 12 most common swing characteristics in a golf swing, which include: S-Posture C-Posture Loss of Posture Flat Shoulder Plane Early Extension Over-the-Top Sway Slide Reverse Spine Angle Hanging Back Casting/Early Release/Scooping Chicken Winging In my subsequent blogs I will be going through each of these 12 in more detail. But let’s start with: […]

4 Dec 2015

I Have ‘Flat Feet’ –  Should I Do Something About It? 

‘Flat feet’ and ‘fallen arches’ are commonly used terms in discussions about foot and lower limb pain as well as when deciding on appropriate footwear. Our feet are required to perform two specific functions: 1. They need to be stable to provide a solid base of support and allow us to push off when we […]

9 Oct 2015

Four Simple Back Mobility Exercises

Reduced spinal mobility can have many consequences on the body’s biomechanics and overall function. These simple spinal mobility exercises may help loosen up those stiff joints and get you moving more. As usual, all exercises should be pain-free! If you experience any pain performing them you might need to book in to see one of […]

20 Aug 2015

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is vital for normal foot biomechanics. It is made up of three segments and its central portion is clinically most important as it forms the longitudinal arch of the foot. It not only provides the longitudinal arch with static support but provides dynamic shock absorption. Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition of […]

10 Nov 2014

Week 1 of 6: My Posture Assessment

Following on from my blog on “How to Assess Posture”… This is Week 1 of my 6 week Pilates challenge! Let’s have a look at my Posture (it’s not great): You can see a few patterns occurring. Starting at the top: Forward head position Rounded shoulders, the right worse than the left The right shoulder […]