Did you know that 99% of people that fail the Overhead Deep Squat in the TPI Screening will early extend in their golf swing? Also, early extension in a golf swing is one of the most common causes of lower back pain in a golfer.

Bonnie, our TPI Certified Physiotherapist has a passion for helping improve your golf swing and keeping you playing for longer. So much so she’s engaged to a Golf Pro! Her fiancé Tristan is always looking to improve his game and has great aspirations to play as a Pro overseas. What better way to make this happen than to have a great Physiotherapy team behind him. Although Bonnie’s golf swing has a lot to be desired, her physiotherapy assessment skills combined with her knowledge of the biomechanics needed for the most efficient golf swing, allows her to assess, treat and improve your golf swing.

At Bend and + Mend, we offer Golf Physiotherapy and TPI Screening for all golfers who are passionate about improving their golf. This Golf Assessment will include a comprehensive history and a thorough TPI Screening, which will highlight any physical limitations that may be attributing to injury or swing faults.

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