Performance Level Pilatotherapy

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For those who have no injuries or have been progressed from Stable to Performance stages in our Pilatotherapy protocol, there are many ways for us to push your strength and flexibility to the next level.

If you are losing time in the latter half of your running race due to poor core stability, or even require greater arm strength for something as complex as pole dancing, we can tailor your routine to suit those goals. We will reassess you along the way and make sure there is availability in our classes for you to achieve these goals in the appropriate time.

Being a former gym-junkie rugby player/injured spectator, I’m not a natural when it comes to flexibility. However, there are still many ways for me to utilise the Pilates equipment in a short session to really challenge my core stability and endurance. Below is a video of a routine I devised using several options on one end of the Trapeze/Cadillac. It’s a ten minute test but to do it non-stop has been described as “Torture”.

I hope it gives you an insight into the passion and variety of what we offer here.

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