Patient Of The Month For June

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IMG_0357 (002)We congratulate this month’s Patient of the Month: Kevin Kinsella, a dedicated AFL fan and, thanks to his Physio, now a dedicated Pilates fan!

From Kevin “Physio , Chiro, Osteoporosis, Yoga or Pilates. I’ll try anything to get my body moving freely again. I asked my doctor if there was a pill to get me back in shape. Ha, he said, don’t be so lazy and referred me to Bend + Mend. I always treat these cures with some trepidation. Why don’t I just read a book and do it myself. Well, not having much self- discipline and prone to finding someone to lunch with rather than exercise, even though walking to the pub is exercising! I took the plunge and am delighted to say that with the patience of a saint, my Physio has somehow got me coming back twice a week. After a few weeks of Physio, she cunningly introduced me to the Pilates dungeon with all those machines and I am pleased to say I am genuinely reaping the benefits and feeling better after each session. I am looking forward to joining a class and sharing the time with others, even though her counting will have to improve. 5 more doesn’t always add up to 5. As my Physio is an unfortunate passionate AFL Dockers fan, I can always enjoy the stirring as much as the workout. All the staff at B + M are so welcoming.”

And from our Physio: “Kevin has been as determined as the Carlton football team to reach his goals of reducing pain and improving his mobility. Unlike Carlton, Kevin has made great progress! I am honestly amazed at how far he has come in only 4 weeks. After great commitment, Kevin is moving a lot better with considerably less pain. I am looking forward to Kevin joining a regular class and sharing our banter with the rest of the group. Well done Kevin!”

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