Patient of the Month for December 2015!

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We are pleased to announce this month’s patient of the month…..Deborah Jenkins!

“I’ve been going to see the guys at Bend + Mend for…well forever! Staying on top of my health by having regular tune-ups with Blake and weekly Pilates with Kirsty has made all the difference. I have two young children and having a strong back and core during pregnancy, and now motherhood, is vital. Best of all I feel like a part of the family…thanks Fi, Kellie, Mark and all of the crew, past and present.”

And from Blake:
It’s my pleasure to applaud Deb for her proven commitment to her health over the years. Maintaining her composed cheerfulness through some challenging injuries mustn’t have been easy, especially with her obvious dedication to her family and professional life. So well done Deb, you’re all class.

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