Patient Of The Month For November

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Our stand-out Patient of the month for November is Rowan Fisher who first presented to Bend + Mend back in 2007.

From Fiona: “The lovely Rowan presented to Bend + Mend way back in 2007 with lower back pain and issues with his right leg. He was, and still is, an avid cyclist and skier! Back then he was keen to manage his pain so he could “get back in the saddle” a soon as possible. He then went on to have two children so he got busy again! Rowan has now come and gone from our clinic 3 times! When he returned earlier this year it was like seeing an old friend again. He is doing very well and has no issues with his back or leg or anywhere else for that matter and therefore cycling up a storm. He is also planning a big ski holiday with the family so we now have him on the ski machine every Pilates class too. Keep up the good work Rowan.

From Rowan: “I started visiting Bend + Mend due to a lower back/disc problem which had not only stopped me from cycling, but was also interfering with day to day life. Before I found Kellie I’d literally been to see 4 other physios, none of who had a strategy beyond immediate treatment (which wasn’t really working anyway!). Bend + Mend have not only got me back on my bike, but Pilates has improved my cycling. Fiona is now including ski specific strength exercises into my routine and improving my (sometimes questionable) technique.

Bend + Mend are great. The classes are flexible, convenient and often hilarious. All of the team are terrific. When I can’t make Fiona’s excellent class it’s great to be able to get the same high quality treatment from Kellie or Bonnie.”

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