Patient of the Month for February 2016!

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This months patient of the month certainly deserves a mention! Douglas Chan has been coming to us for weekly one-on-one Pilates sessions since 2010 (and for Physio prior to that!).

From Douglas: “Why Pilates with Kirsty at B+M? It’s the best way for a slow, plodding wage slave runner to keep on the track each week. A gammy right glute and stiff mid back have been made stronger and looser over the last 18 months through weekly visits with Kirsty. She has an amazingly variable repertoire of ways to stretch and strengthen any human being. The end result? I feel more confident running and better throughout the day, and that really is all that matters. My thanks to Kirsty and Bend + Mend.”

And from Kirsty: “Doug has been attending our clinic on and off for the last 10 years! Over the last 18months he has been consistently attending Pilates session working on his stability and control, which has enabled him to keep active at home with his family, mobile following sitting at a desk for work and strong for while he is out running. Doug is always a pleasure to work with and our sessions together are great fun. He works hard every session to achieve his goals and improve his running.”

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