Our Barangaroo clinic is located on the Ground Floor of the 1 Shelley Street Macquarie Bank Building. The entrance is on Lime Street (a continuation of Barangaroo Avenue).

We have private treatment rooms for all our Physiotherapy consultations, with shorts and gowns for your convenience.

It also has Pilates equipment for all our patients’ rehabilitation needs.

Bend + Mend | Barangaroo is a short stroll from the Barangaroo Towers, the Wynyard Walk at Barangaroo and the King Street Wharf ferry. Both Wynyard train station and George Street are a 10 minute walk away.

Clinic services include:

Clinic Team

Kellie Jansen

Patrick Nelson

Emillie Kinkella

Ben Cunningham

Lauren Stein

Prue Markham

Sonja-Marie Devantier