6 Feb 2017

Maybe Nadal Needed A Little More Sleep…

After staying up late to watch the Australian Open Mens Final last night, I decided to write a blog about sleep. I dedicate this one to the weekend warriors and the lunchtime legends that I typically see in the clinic post injury. Patients will often report a post run/match stretch, beer and if your lucky […]

15 Nov 2011

Can Stress Cause A Fracture?

A stress fracture is an overuse injury to the bone.  Unlike your typical traumatic broken bone, stress fractures are caused by repetitive loading on the area.  They usually come on over time with repetitive impact, such as with distance running. A common example of how a stress fracture can develop is in the case of ‘shin […]

7 Nov 2011

Ankle Advice…..

So, you’ve sprained your ankle.  Most people have at some time in their life, whether it be playing sport as a child or walking down some stairs as an adult. But what is the best way to manage a sprained ankle, and when should you see someone about it? Initially, when you sprain your ankle […]

30 Jun 2011

Dancing To Keep Fit

I’ve talked in previous posts about dance being a great way to keep fit, but I thought it might be useful to outline some different types of dance classes and what each has to offer in terms of health and fitness.

10 May 2011

How Will Pilates Help My Dancing?

The popularity of Pilates has grown significantly in recent years, both for strengthening and toning as well as for rehabilitation of injuries.  In the dance world, however, Pilates has long been an adjunct to training since Joseph Pilates moved to New York in the 1920’s and set up a Pilates studio in close proximity to […]

21 Apr 2011

Getting Back Into Dance…

Ever felt like you might want to get back into those dance classes but don’t know where to start? Chances are, if you danced when you were younger, you still really miss it but might not have the confidence to start again!  Apart from the confidence factor, you might be worried that you have lost […]

1 Apr 2011

For All Dancers…Why is a Musculoskeletal Dance Assessment Necessary?

A dance assessment or dance screening can be used both to identify a dancer’s strengths and weaknesses and to correct any biomechanical faults which may help with the prevention of injury.  A Physiotherapist is qualified to assess your flexibility and core strength, as well as pick up on any anatomical variations that you may have […]