Why should you seek help for Women’s health Issues?

Many women believe that a small amount of leakage after having a baby is normal. However, over time urinary incontinence is likely to worsen. The pelvic floor, like any muscle, requires retraining to regain its proper function, and without the correct exercises this will also continue to weaken over time. While there will be some spontaneous recovery of the pelvic floor in the few months following the birth, if you are having any leakage of urine or any symptoms of heaviness and dropping around the vagina, it is worthwhile getting things checked.

Remember any amount of leakage is a problem, and it can be addressed!

Pelvic and sexual pain or cramping can be dramatically improved if not cured by
getting the correct diagnosis of the source of the pain. A Women’s Heath
Physiotherapist can release the pelvic floor muscles internally and the surrounding
pelvic musculature externally and educate you about how to reduce the tension in
the area and hence reduce your pain.

Probe picWhat to expect at your first Women’s Health Physiotherapy Session

It is important to us that our patients feel as comfortable as possible during the sessions. We will conduct the sessions in a private, comfortable room. Gowns are provided to wear during the session.

The first session is a Women’s Health Assessment starting with a comprehensive history about your pelvic floor function, bladder and bowel habits, sexual and obstetric background. Sometimes we may recommend an internal vaginal examination. Although not always required, this can help us properly assess your pelvic floor function, areas of weakness and any degree of organ prolapse. We may also ask you to complete a bladder diary.

Following the initial assessment we will then come up with the best management plan for you. This may involve a pelvic floor strengthening program, retraining of your bladder habits, relaxation and breathing techniques, and possible lifestyle changes. In some cases the use of specific pelvic floor equipment may be indicated (e.g. electrical stimulation unit or weighted pelvic floor training tools). We will also determine if any further input from other health professionals or onward referral is needed.

Cost of a Women’s Health Physiotherapy Session

  • Initial Women’s Health Assessment (1 hour) $170
  • Follow up Women’s Health Consultation (45 min) $130

What to do next?

Call or email to book an Initial Women’s Health Assessment. If you would like find out any more information about whether our treatment programme is right for you, our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Bonnie, is happy to speak to you privately over the phone. When making an appointment, make sure you let the receptionist know that you require a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.