Our Newest Venture: King Street Wharf

Posted by on Apr 1, 2011 in Physiotherapy | No Comments

One of the biggest reasons for our name change to Bend + Mend is our expansion into King Street Wharf.  Yes, we now have Physiotherapy services available in the new Macquarie Bank building at 1 Shelley Street, which means we can no longer call ourselves Martin Place Physiotherapy & Pilates!

The Physiotherapists who are currently seeing patients at our King Street Wharf clinic include Mark, Kellie, Katie and Elisabeth (although they each also work up at Martin Place on some days).  Elisabeth is one of our Physios who uses acupuncture as an adjunct to treatment.

Our King Street Wharf clinic is linked to the new Goodlife Gymnasium, so we can utilise the gym facilities for our patients, which is especially useful for those patients following knee or shoulder surgery who need access to a stationary bike, weight-training or other equipment.

We hope to have the signage on our new King Street Wharf shopfront finished shortly, so keep an eye out for a much bigger “Bend + Mend” sign and a bit more orange!

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